About Liz!

Lizzy Zilla (Liz to her friends) is the brainchild of some person named Valerie. Val (as most everyone in the world calls her) has been drawing Lizzy for over 20 years. After drawing so many photos for family and friends who, amazingly enough, found them not crappy but funny, she decided to share them with the rest of the world. A giant lizard + things on fire = comedy.

Liz doesn’t think that this Val person exists like some sort of God character. They’re working on a better “I believe in you/We can get along” relationship.

Lizzy “Liz” Zilla is just a girl thrust into the world trying to get by every day. Be it going out  for burritos or shopping for toilet paper she’s just trying to survive in a lizard eat mankind world. Not really different from everything else on this planet.

Lizzy Zilla is a part of Kinkhead Creations.

Kinkhead Creations

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