My Bad

I would like to apologize for no new Lizzy’s for the past two weeks. I’ve run into a (pardon my language from here on out) crazy ass situation that came out of the blue. I am not yet 40. I am not an elderly individual (Not age shaming just bear with me) yet I have run into the big bad world of “arthritis”. It runs in my family hardcore and I, now, realize that I cannot ignore it. They swell. They ache, If you want me to give you a big fat middle finger I can, literally, do that on certain days. I know you are probably (I would) giggling at the artwork I do as being “childish” but, umm, yeah….that’s what I do. To come up with what I do (My imagination runs a mile a minute so ideas are…psssttt…easy…) still takes time to draw. Suddenly dealing with a random issue that I’m (naturally) dealing with is the worst. Even the simplest (not to me…trust me….hahahaha..) is hard. Not making excuses. I want people to come and see my stupid ass ideas (and the fact that I have a whole story line based on the life of Liz. Yeah…she has a history…). Even if one or two of you look at this I am grateful. It’s at least two or more that go “Heh…she can’t draw!”. I can deal with that. I am going to, for my sanity and to make sure I don’t kill my hands, put out a new Lizzy on July 16th. I am then going to try to get ahead and put out the next new one on August 6th. Please share and tell your friends about my crazy ass stupidity imagination as this is how I see things in life. Take it as it is.

I want to tell everyone to go to the Arthritis Foundation because it doesn’t just happen to “older folk” like everyone, always, seems to picture. It happens to every age. Children, teens, 30s, 40s….everyone. We at Lizzy are passionate for the treatment and cure of arthritis because we have seen loved ones crippled by it to the point where they could no longer function on their own. Now dealing with it as a major issue in life long before societies “idea” of old is insane. It’s not a joke. You’re joints and hands will ache and you don’t know why. Moving them becomes “not a pain” but an “inconvenience”. Carry on. Nothing to see here.

It sucks. I, in all honesty, do not know what I need to do. I will go forth into the wilderness and natural medicine my ass because, yeah, fuck everything. I don’t want to take chemicals.

On that note…Please do not abandon us. We will be back in August. I, seriously, have pencil Liz drawings that I need to scan. Liz ❤ All.



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